MAXDECAL 9800-SUG G228 Ultra Gloss Red Magma

  • Series: 9800 SUG G228 Ultra Gloss Red Magma
  • Width: 152 cm ( 4.98ft / 59.84inch / 1.66yd )
  • Length: 20 m ( 65.61ft / 21.87yd )
  • Thickness: 160µm
  • Characteristics: Special edition of Modz Battle 2 with an elegant red with gloss finishing, one of identical colors of the car from famous Hollywood movie
  • Resin Coating System: Maxdecal Wrap Film has superior resistance and high UV protection
  • Adhesive Technology: Bubble-Free with Primer Tech. Easy for installation and repositioning. Maxdecal Wrap Film is safe and secure for paint Surfaces.
  • Polyester Liner: Premium polyester liner with Maxdecal logo. Made of PET and has a thickness of 150µm
  • Application examples: car wraps, motorcycle wraps, other and other accessories automotive.
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