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Inspiration to Make BMW The Center of Attention A la Harris Vriza

Actor Harris Vriza, who is known to have an automotive hobby and often modifies his car , now he is changing the color of his luxury car again. This model and YouTuber really likes to collect luxury cars, of course this is accompanied by maintenance of the appearance of the luxury cars. So, don’t wonder he cares so much about the appearance of his car. This time he changed his BMW car using Saffron Yellow from Maxdecal 9800 Series.

Rio Dewanto’s Campervan: Open a Café in the Car

Renowned Indonesian actor Rio Dewanto turned his car into a campervan that could also be a café. Rio drew his own campervan design, so it’s very personal to him. He changed it from the exterior to the interior. One of them is Rio Dewanto collaborating with Maxdecal to make the car look more elegant.

The Creation Of The Nation’s Children Is Ready To Go International

The excitement of IIMS ended on April 10 2022, after being held since March 31 2022 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. The prestigious Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) automotive exhibition was held again by presenting dozens of attractive motorcycle and car booths. There are works of Indonesian children on display.

Special GRMN Yaris Look Ridwan Hanif

Renowned automotive YouTuber Ridwan Hanif changes the concept of his GR Yaris car. He changed some parts of his car to become a GRMN Yaris look. One of them is that he changed the color of his car from tarmac black to matte steel. This color is the same as the GRMN Yaris released in Japan. Ridwan Hanif entrusted the wrapping sticker for his GR Yaris to Maxdecal using the 9500 series Matt Chrome Grey color.

The Cool Way to Protect Roy Ricardo’s Car

The famous rapper Roy Ricardo just bought a new car on his birthday. Besides being famous as a singer, the full name Roy Yohanes Febriyanto Siahaan is also known to have an automotive hobby. He often shares his automotive hobby activities on the YouTube channel KR TV (King Royal TV).

Maxdecal Supports Advancing Indonesian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in UMKM Goes to Mandalika

The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises or Kemenkop UKM held an exhibition entitled “UMKM Goes to Mandalika” at the SMESCO Indonesia Building, South Jakarta on Sunday (06/03/2022). Teten Masduki, Minister of Cooperatives and UMKMs, said that this exhibition is expected to be a promotional event for MSME products at the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP Event.

Harris Vriza’s Girlfriend Haviza is Surprised By The New Look Of Her Car

Top actor Harris Vriza surprises his girlfriend, Haviza Devi Anjani. Harris changed the color of his girlfriend’s car by wrapping Haviza’s white Alphard. At first, Haviza said that she wanted her car wrapped, hearing that Harris immediately granted her lover’s request. But Harris wanted to choose the color to be a surprise for Haviza.

Tips and Trick Making Aesthetic Sticker at Home with Maxdecal Style

Now making aesthetic stickers at home is really easy! Make sticker creations for decoration on accessories that you can print at home with the Maxdecal DIY Craft Series and your home printer. Maxdecal wants to give you tips and tricks. Let’s go to the tips and trick.

DIY Your Own Stickers at Home

Currently, the use of stickers is increasingly in demand by the public for labeling food and beverage products or decorations on various accessories. Printing stickers is even easier because you can do it at home, so you don’t have to bother coming to a large-scale sticker making service provider. Maxdecal provides the solution with the DIY Craft Series.