Alvin Keanu Budiman, Little Racer with a Myriad of Achievements

Indonesia always has outstanding children. One of them is Alvin Keanu Budiman, a young racer from Kulonprogo who has made many achievements in the Mini GP. Keanu’s latest achievements are Champion 1 Pocket Bike 50cc Piala Presiden Grand Final Motoprix 2022 and Champion 1 VSC Old and New Year Nite Race 2023 at the NP Mandala Krida Circuit, Yogyakarta.

No wonder Keanu often wins competitions because he entered the world of racing at a very young age, at the age of 4 years. This little racer with many achievements is nicknamed “kecil-kecil cabe rawit”. This is because he is the youngest racer in his class who often wins 1st place. Keanu’s success cannot be separated from the support of his parents, Novi Arif Budiman and Alipia Dwi Ambar.

Keanu’s father said that Keanu was tenacious in training to achieve his dream of becoming a racer. Usually, Keanu will train 3 times a week at Mandala Krida Yogyakarta. Not only actively practicing racing, but Keanu is also actively training physically to support his performance.

“Keanu started on the pocket bike from the age of 4. He is tenacious in his training, from physical training to racing too,” said Keanu’s father, Novi Arif Budiman, Saturday (25/03/2023).

Maxdecal is happy and proud to see Keanu’s tenacity and persistence; at his young age, he has extraordinary aspirations. Of course, this is something very positive and should be supported. In accordance with Maxdecal’s vision which will continue to develop in the automotive world, especially for the nation’s younger generation, Maxdecal is always happy to support Keanu in achieving his dreams.

Maxdecal believes that the nation’s children have high talent and creativity to bring the name of the homeland to foreign countries, and so does Keanu. Maxdecal hopes that Keanu can later have more achievements and be able to make the nation’s name up to foreign countries.