Maxdecal New Look; “More Modern, More Energic, and More Passionate”

Since its formation in 2019, Maxdecal has been present in the community by providing stickers that can be trusted. For approximately 4 years, Maxdecal has dedicated itself to following the twists and turns of the journey with you through products and services. This long journey has provided an extraordinary experience for Maxdecal to innovate so that it becomes a growing sticker brand.

Entering 2023, Maxdecal is stepping on a new journey by launching a new Maxdecal logo and icon entitled “More Modern, More Energetic, and More Passionate.” We want to introduce Maxdecal, which is more modern, more energetic, and more passionate with all the innovations we provide with dynamic movements. Our new look also represents flexibility.

Changes to our logo are on the letter M Maxdecal; there is a sticker fold on the upper right of the letter M. This fold represents the shape of the sticker glue fold when opened. This folding sticker symbol confirms that the Maxdecal glue is high quality and has an Automotive Grade standard.

Not just a logo, Maxdecal is also proud to present the official Maxdecal icon, part of our new look. This icon is also used as the official logo of the Maxdecal Care application. We want to emphasize our identity is easily recognized and remembered, so we released the official Maxdecal icon that can be applied even at a small size. The distinctive M letter with folded stickers signifies Maxdecal’s identity.

Through changes to the Maxdecal logo and icon entitled “More Modern, More Energetic, and More Passionate,” we hope to show our seriousness in innovating and growing to understand and meet the needs of our clients.