Maxdecal: Indonesia Car Wrap Decorates Sign Expo 2023 in Japan

Maxdecal has landed in Japan again; this time, Maxdecal will also participate in the Sign Expo 2023, which will be held June 14-16, 2023. Of course, Maxdecal feels very proud and honored to be able to participate in representing Indonesia in Japan. Maxdecal hopes that the nation’s car wrap can introduce Indonesian products internationally. Back in the same city, namely Osaka, at the Nanko ATC Hall, presenting its flagship products, starting from the 9800 Series, 7500 Series, to the 3600 Reflective Sheeting Series. But this time, Maxdecal is different from the previous exhibition in Japan, namely the newest product, the Maxdecal 9600 Series.

The presence of the Maxdecal 9600 Series on the market marks its debut in Indonesia, officially sold in early June 2023. Now, Maxdecal wants to introduce its stickers in Sakura, Japan. Of course, the Maxdecal 9600 Series still has the same technologies as the previous series, such as bubble free. In addition, the 9600 Series also has attractive color variations, such as super matt chrome, super chrome, super glossy candy, satin matt, satin metallic, and super gloss carbon variants.

Not only focusing on developing the quality of the stickers, but Maxdecal also considers that the quality of the stickers is maintained in the hands of consumers. One of them is the packaging on the 9600 Series, which is equipped with a plastic seal so that the stickers are safe from water splashes. This also helps consumers to identify the novelty of the stickers they receive. Make sure the plastic seal has not been opened when you first receive it.

Maxdecal has been the best choice for several years in meeting the needs of stickers, especially car wrapping. Therefore, Maxdecal wants to always provide the best for consumers by meeting market needs and convenience. Maxdecal hopes to always get support from various parties, especially in introducing the nation’s car stickers to the international world.