Sintya Marisca Creates New Colors for the Vespa World Through the Serdadu Team

Sintya Marisca, Serdadu Team, Riding Bareng Serdadu, Mini Paint Protection Film, Vespa, Satria Vijie, Dekjaw

Hundreds of manual and automatic Vespa motorbikes packed the streets of Jakarta, and they rode from KFC Naughty by Nature to Ruuang Kopi on Sunday, May 14, 2023. The Vespa community pioneered this riding event, which named themselves Serdadu Team or “Seradak Seruduk Bisa diadu.” Beautiful artist Sintya Marisca was also present at this event entitled “Riding with Serdadu.”

Sintya Marisca is one of the founders of the Serdadu Team with Satria Vijie and Reza Alwi or Dekjaw. Sintya said that her love for Vespa motorbikes made her interested in making a platform for Vespa fans like herself, so she founded Serdadu Team. This love started when she was young, precisely when he was in elementary school.

“I’ve loved Vespas since elementary school, but finally got a Vespa for the first time, I collected pocket money from FTV, finally bought a Vespa in 2019,” said Sintya when met at Ruuang Kopi, South Jakarta.

Sintya also said that the presence of the Serdadu Team wanted to give a new color to the automotive sector, especially Vespa. She said there was a desire to collaborate with local brands and introduce them to the public.

“Here we introduce collaboration products between Serdadu and local brands. From this activity, we are also committed to giving a new color to the world of vespa,” said Sintya.

Of course, Maxdecal fully agrees and supports Sintya in giving a new color to the automotive sector, especially Vespa. Therefore, in line with this, Maxdecal at the “Riding with Serdadu” event also introduced a special motorcycle product, the mini Maxdecal Paint Protection Film.

Maxdecal Paint Protection Film mini is made in a special size for the needs of motorcycles. This is a serious step for Maxdecal to provide support to riders. Maxdecal Paint Protection Film mini certainly wants to help riders provide extra protection to their motorbikes. Even though the sizes are different, Maxdecal Paint Protection Film mini still has the same quality and specifications as the other series. Maxdecal Paint Protection Film mini still has self-healing technology to remove fine scratches on motor bodies wrapped using Maxdecal PPF.

Maxdecal hopes that the presence of this mini Paint Protection Film can give a new color to the sector of automotive motorbikes. To support the development of the automotive world, Maxdecal will continue to provide innovation to meet the needs of society.