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Maxdecal New Look; “More Modern, More Energic, and More Passionate”

Since its formation in 2019, Maxdecal has been present in the community by providing stickers that can be trusted. For approximately 4 years, Maxdecal has dedicated itself to following the twists and turns of the journey with you through products and services. This long journey has provided an extraordinary experience for Maxdecal to innovate so that it becomes a growing sticker brand.

Alvin Keanu Budiman, Little Racer with a Myriad of Achievements

Indonesia always has outstanding children. One of them is Alvin Keanu Budiman, a young racer from Kulonprogo who has made many achievements in the Mini GP. Keanu’s latest achievements are Champion 1 Pocket Bike 50cc Piala Presiden Grand Final Motoprix 2022 and Champion 1 VSC Old and New Year Nite Race 2023 at the NP Mandala Krida Circuit, Yogyakarta.

Presenting the “Retro vs Modern” car, OLX Autos IMX 2023 enlivens Bandung

The second OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo Series is being held again. The “Retro vs Modern” event was attended by dozens of modified cars from various regions with retro and modern concepts. This time, it’s a series road show to the city of flowers, to be precise, at 23 Paskal Shopping Center, Bandung, on March 5 2023.

The Great Combination of Epson Indonesia and Maxdecal, Creates Solid Color Decal Printing

Maxdecal with Epson Indonesia collaborated to introduce high-quality automotive printing with Automotive Grade standards. The “Best Printing Collaboration Epson and Maxdecal with Automotive Grade” event was supported by PT Mulia Mandiri Supply, the Epson Master Dealer and Maxdecal Authorized Distributor in Indonesia.

Menparekraf Supports OLX Autos IMX 2023 in Osaka Through the Weekly Brief with Sandiaga Uno

After the success of OLX Autos IMX 2022, NMAA is again holding the first series of OLX Autos IMX 2023. This event will take place at the 26th Osaka Auto Messe, Japan, on 10-12 February 2023. The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Uno, also attended support this event which was shed in an event titled “The Weekly Brief with Sandiaga Uno” Monday (30/1/2023).

Subaru x Maxdecal at USS 2022: The Legendary Blue and Yellow Blend in the 90s Rally Golden

A prestigious event for millennials, the Urban Sneaker Society (USS) was held again on 9-11 December 2022 at Hall A&B Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). This year, USS collaborated with Subaru, Jejouw, and RawType-Riot with the theme of the world of Rally in 90s Fashion.

Five Indonesian Public Figures Show Off at Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 ‘Star Wars’ OLX Autos IMX 2022

The modification, aftermarket, and lifestyle party, namely the OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo (IMX) 2022, was successfully held for 2 days on October 1-2. The event which was held in Hall A, JCC Senayan Jakarta was attended by many car enthusiasts, communities, and public figures. OLX Autos IMX was also enlivened by public figures who participated in the annual Live Modz Challenge content.

Terobosan Baru Maxdecal di IMX Expo 2022: Perpaduan Otomotif dan Lifestyle

Maxdecal turut terlibat dan berkontribusi menyukseskan OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo. Puncak pada acara ini akan digelar di Hall A Jakarta Convention Center, tanggal 1-2 Oktober 2022. OLX Autos IMX Expo ini didukung oleh banyak pihak, salah satunya adalah Bambang Soesatyo, Ketua MPR RI sekaligus Ketua Umum Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI).

Maxdecal’s New Breakthrough at IMX Expo 2022: A Blend of Automotive and Lifestyle

Maxdecal was involved and contributed to the success of OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo. The highlight of this event will be held at Hall A Jakarta Convention Center on 1-2 October 2022. OLX Autos IMX Expo is supported by many parties, one of which is Bambang Soesatyo, Chairman of the MPR RI and General Chair of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI).