Five Indonesian Public Figures Show Off at Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 ‘Star Wars’ OLX Autos IMX 2022

The modification, aftermarket, and lifestyle party, namely the OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo (IMX) 2022, was successfully held for 2 days on October 1-2. The event which was held in Hall A, JCC Senayan Jakarta was attended by many car enthusiasts, communities, and public figures. OLX Autos IMX was also enlivened by public figures who participated in the annual Live Modz Challenge content.

This year’s Live Modz Challenge carries the theme Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 ‘Perang Bintang’. Public figures who managed to become contestants through the selection and curation process, including Andre Taulany, Raffi Ahmad, Gading Marten, Atta Halilintar, and Uya Kuya.

This competition was judged by practitioners and professionals in the modification world, namely Rifat Sungkar, automotive Youtuber Fitra Eri, Erwin M. Chairudin, and Edy Vertue. The Live Modz Challenge was officially opened by the Chairman of the MPR RI as well as the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI), Bambang Soesatyo. Contestants compete for the Chair of the MPR RI Cup and a total prize of 1 billion.

Right on the last day of the OLX Autos IMX 2022 event, the man who is often called Bamsoet announced the winner of the Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 ‘Perang Bintang’. Gading Marten won the first place with the Audi R8 “Stingray”. Second Place was won by Andre Taulany with a BMW E30. Third place was won by Atta Halilintar with the Avanza EV Concept Electric.

No wonder Atta’s Avanza took third place because of his creative idea, turning the second Avanza into an elegant electric car. In addition to winning the third position, the Avanza EV Concept Electric Atta Halilintar also won the “The Ultimate Wrap” category. The wrapping used by Atta is Maxdecal 9500 Series with Matt Chrome Silver color.

Maxdecal’s Matt Chrome Silver color has an elegant silver effect. This makes the car look more futuristic with the concept of an electric car. As we know, electric cars are currently one of the focuses in the automotive world. Of course, this shows the Atta car is creative and has futuristic elements.

Maxdecal is also happy for the success of the Avanza EV Concept Electric Atta Halilintar which won the Live Modz Challenge 2022. Moreover, Atta trusts to wrap his car using Maxdecal. Maxdecal congratulates the winners and Maxdecal will continue to support the development of the automotive industry.