Maxdecal’s New Breakthrough at IMX Expo 2022: A Blend of Automotive and Lifestyle

Maxdecal was involved and contributed to the success of OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo. The highlight of this event will be held at Hall A Jakarta Convention Center on 1-2 October 2022. OLX Autos IMX Expo is supported by many parties, one of which is Bambang Soesatyo, Chairman of the MPR RI and General Chair of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI).

The man who is often called Bamsoet also displayed his rare car, the Mercedes-Benz 500SEL. This car has the same specifications as the cars belonging to the President of the United States Bill Clinton and the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II. This bullet-proof car will be displayed at the Maxdecal booth, which has been wrapped with Maxdecal’s Paint Protection Film, so it has double protection.

Maxdecal also cooperates with Prabuss Autowork, this collaboration carries the Fast and Furious theme. Prabuss Autowork, which is famous for its JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), released 5 cars by wrapping using Maxdecal.

This fifth IMX event carries the theme ‘The Indonesian Kalcer’, which unites automotive and lifestyle elements. Maxdecal also helped create new products that combine automotive and lifestyle, namely varsity jackets and Nike Air shoes in collaboration with Drip Experiment and Sneakers Factory with an automotive theme. Sneakers Factory also carries a shoes cool collection. IMX Project Director and Founder of the National Modificator & Aftermarket Association (NMAA), Andre Mulyadi said IMX always tries to provide a new, different experience at every event.

“In the five years of IMX, we continue to adapt to situations and conditions to continue to provide a different experience at each IMX event every year, this year we present the rapid growth of the aftermarket modification industry in lifestyle elements. This OLX Autos IMX 2022 concept will bring a feel that has never been seen in any event before, come, visit and enjoy the fun with family,” said Andre Mulyadi.

This exhibition is open to automotive and lifestyle enthusiasts without exception. Come and get your tickets by ordering them on the official website