Crazy Rich Tanjung Priok, Ahmad Sahroni Celebrates Indonesia’s 77th Independence by Attending the 2022 DNC Independence Run and Exhibition

Welcoming the 77th Independence of Indonesia, The Pioneer of DayNight Crew, Jevon Andrean, again holds the DNC Morning Run. Carrying the Red-White theme, This time the DNC Morning Run was decorated with red and white cars in the front row and followed by other color cars. Hundreds of cars and motorcycles in attendance broke the MURI record as the “Most Super Car and Super Bike Convoy in Indonesia”.

This event was attended by many public figures, such as Ahmad Sahroni, Deputy Director of MURI Osmar Semesta Soesilo, influencer, dan Indonesian famous YouTuber. Ahmad Sahroni is known to love the automotive world. The man who is often called Crazy Rich Tanjung Priok has a wide collection of luxury cars. One of the most luxurious cars is the 2016 Ferrari 488.

Ahmad Sahroni’s love is increasingly visible because he is the Secretary General of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI). He appreciated the DayNight Crew, who managed to organize amazing things on the independence-day of the Republic of Indonesia. Ahmad Sahroni also gave a message so that two-wheeler and four-wheeler riders have friendship and can make useful activities.

“Congratulations to DNC for doing an amazing thing on the big day of August 17th on the 77th Independence Day. The friendship continues to run carefully both between four wheels and two wheels, this shows that the team from the car and motorcycle club is an activity that can provide benefits to the public,” said Ahmad Sahroni.

Next is the presence of Osmar Semesta Soesilo, which is sure to provide a MURI record for the DayNight Crew. The man who is familiarly called Evon said that DNC Morning Run broke the MURI record that he had been waiting for since last year.

“In the second year, there are 150 cars and 100 motorbikes, Actually, we wanted to apply for the MURI last year. But because of the pandemic we canceled our intention and we postponed it until this year, it’s conducive and thanks God this year is more crowded, because this year 200 cars and 130 motorcycles. We got (MURI record) which is the Most Supercar and Superbike Convoy in Indonesia,” said Evon.

It doesn’t end there, after the success of DNC Morning Run, DNC continues the event with the DNC Exhibition 2022. Like the previous year, the DNC Exhibition was held lively with a row of luxury cars, watches, shoes, and more. The DNC Exhibition 2022 was held on the ground floor of PIK Avenue.

Of course, Maxdecal participated in the 2022 DNC Exhibition by showing off a Lamborghini Aventador car that had been wrapped with Maxdecal Paint Protection Film (PPF). Maxdecal challenges visitors who come to test PPF’s self-healing technology by scratching it with an iron brush. As expected, Maxdecal PPF has been tested and the result is that the Lamborghini car remains smooth even though it has been scratched many times, even using a katana.

In addition to the Aventador Maxdecal car also exhibited the H2R motor. This limited edition motorbike is also wrapped using Maxdecal PPF. Maxdecal also showed off the H2 motorbike wrapped in Midnight Purple from the Maxdecal 9800 Series.

Who came to the Maxdecal booth yesterday at the 2022 DNC Exhibition?

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