Emmanuelle Amandio, The Drift King Indonesia Champion Wins HCSC Master Class

The weekend two weeks ago, July 3 2022 to be precise, was a special day for Emmanuelle Amandio. He showed his skills in the Honda City Hatchback Speed Challenge class and came out as 3rd HCSC Master Class.

The Honda City Hatchback Speed Challenge was officially held this year to replace the last 2021 Honda Jazz Speed Challenge. One of the teams participating in this class is the MGP Racing Team with driver Emmanuelle Amandio. Amandio has been involved in the world of racing since he was a teenager. He has won the national sprint rally several times.

Not only being a racer, the man who is often called Dio is also pursuing the world of drifting. He is also one of the most respected drifters in the country and is often referred to as one of Indonesia’s Drift Kings. Dio often achieves achievements in national and international drift events.

No wonder his love for the automotive world led him to the title in the ISSOM series 2 this season. On his personal Instagram page, Amandio said he was quite satisfied with his achievements. He also thanked him for supporting the MGP Racing Team.

“Hard Weekend!! 3rd HCSC Master Class. Still in the process of finding time with today’s results which are quite satisfactory. Thanks for all the support for @mgpracingteam.” write Dio on his Instagram.

Not just focus on the results achieved at that time. MGP Racing Team also designed the best preparation for the race car. One of them is that MGP invites Musa Rio Tjahjono and Maxdecal to collaborate to make car skins to be high-tech and of course cool. Musa is a top car designer whose name has been around the world in the United States. Musa’s clients are not ordinary people, he is the person behind Justin Bieber’s Roll Royce Custom.

Musa’s cold hands produce a cool design on the Amandio car. This time the design that Musa made for the Dio car is dominated by red color combined with white and gray. The Honda City Hatchback is wrapped with Maxdecal wrapping, namely 9500 Matt Chrome Series. Maxdecal is very proud of Musa and MGP Racing Team trusted Maxdecal again to wrap Dio’s car.