Presenting the “Retro vs Modern” car, OLX Autos IMX 2023 enlivens Bandung

The second OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo Series is being held again. The “Retro vs Modern” event was attended by dozens of modified cars from various regions with retro and modern concepts. This time, it’s a series road show to the city of flowers, to be precise, at 23 Paskal Shopping Center, Bandung, on March 5 2023.

Andre Mulyadi, the IMX Project Director, said the reason for choosing Bandung was because of its strategic location as a gathering point for car enthusiasts. Meanwhile, from a demographic perspective, Andre sees that millennials and gen Z in Bandung are starting to like car modifications with various themes. This series is also supported by the community and modification workshops in Bandung.

“Geographically, Bandung has long been a strategic point for car enthusiasts from Jabodetabek to gather. From a demographic perspective, many young millennials and gen Z in the city of Bandung are now starting to be interested in modifying cars with various themes, so if you see the enthusiasm, it will definitely be very interesting. The IMX 2023 Series this time is also taking place thanks to the support of the community and modification workshops in Bandung,” said Andre Mulyadi.

The nuances of automotive and lifestyle modifications that are the hallmark of IMX and Bandung simultaneously were very strong at the event. It can be seen from the visitors, especially the young Bandung youth, who are stylish car enthusiasts. Visitors who came were very enthusiastic to see the cars on display. Especially when the car is turned on, visitors immediately approach the source of the sound and document it.

It ranged from 1997 retro cars to complete modern cars adorning the second OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo Series. One of them is the Porsche 718 that was displayed in Maxdecal’s booth. Of course, this Porsche has been modified, including wrapping using Maxdecal 9800 Series SGM G345 Metallic Blushing Pink. The glossy pink hue catches visitors’ attention, resulting in many visitors taking pictures of her with the car.

Maxdecal will, of course, continue to support automotive modifications in Indonesia. Especially the OLX Autos Indonesia Modification & Lifestyle Expo, which always provides a platform for creativity and innovation for used cars. Of course, this aligns with Maxdecal’s vision, which wants to continue supporting the creativity of the nation’s children in the automotive sector.