The Great Combination of Epson Indonesia and Maxdecal, Creates Solid Color Decal Printing

Maxdecal with Epson Indonesia collaborated to introduce high-quality automotive printing with Automotive Grade standards. The “Best Printing Collaboration Epson and Maxdecal with Automotive Grade” event was supported by PT Mulia Mandiri Supply, the Epson Master Dealer and Maxdecal Authorized Distributor in Indonesia. This collaboration will be held on 28 February 2023 at PT Epson Indonesia, Cibis Business Park. Maxdecal and Epson Indonesia, through PT Mulia Mandiri Supply, would like to introduce automotive stickers printed using high-quality machines and materials.

Nofian Hendra, Maxdecal’s Research and Development, also said that the collaboration between Maxdecal and Epson started in 2020. At that time, Maxdecal released printing stickers such as APV80, AHG90, VPF100, LMP80, and TMP80. Furthermore, PT Mulia Mandiri Supply, as an Epson Master Dealer and Maxdecal Authorized Distributor in Indonesia, immediately tried to print on Maxdecal materials using an Epson machine. The results turned out to be satisfactory, so until now, the collaboration between the two has become one of the best-selling combinations.

“On this occasion, we would like to introduce the great collaboration of Maxdecal material quality with Epson printers which creates a special combination. The Maxdecal and Epson collaboration began in 2020, when Maxdecal began releasing printing stickers such as APV80, AHG90, VPF100, LMP80 and TMP80,” said Nofian Hendra, Maxdecal’s Research and Development.

There is no need to doubt the quality provided by the Epson machine because of the maximum results. Meldy Feryanto confirmed this as Industrial Inkjet Manager of PT Mulia Mandiri Supply, who said that Epson printers could provide stable and solid colors or 99% of printed colors according to the design.

“There is no need to doubt the quality of Epson printers because they are able to provide maximum print results according to the designs made. Epson printers are capable of producing stable and solid colors and 99% of the printed color results match the designs made,” said Meldy Feryanto, Industrial Inkjet Manager of PT Mulia Mandiri Supply.

Moreover, the Epson machine already has 9 colors and eco-solvent technology. One of them, the 10-color Epson SC-S80670 printer, has a wide color gamut and is supported by a High Glossy Maxdecal sticker that can help produce colors according to automotive needs as close to fluorescent colors and solid red colors. Maxdecal stickers are also equipped with Automotive Grade specifications with flexible sticker raw materials and glue which are very suitable for the automotive market. This makes Epson and Maxdecal ideal for the automotive market, which has exotic color designs and creativity.

PT Epson Indonesia’s Senior Manager of Vertical Business, Lina Mariani, also said that Epson’s advanced engine technology provides solid colors on printouts. Moreover, it is supported by Maxdecal stickers which can meet automotive market standards.

“Epson printers have sophisticated technology with features that can provide solid colors on the printed output. With color technology that is close to fluorescent, namely ink technology that can be applied to various printing products, which is currently a concern for the creative industry, one of which is the automotive market. Supported by the Maxdecal sticker, the results issued are in accordance with what the automotive market needs,” said Lina.

The combination of the two has been proven to have high sales through PT Mulia Mandiri Supply during the pandemic. It was recorded at the Epson Master Dealer, namely PT Mulia Mandiri Supply, that customers who bought Epson machines combined with Maxdecal materials were satisfied with the results provided. Therefore, this event takes a deeper look at the great combination between Maxdecal and Epson.

One of the combinations is Epson SureColor SC-S80670 with Maxdecal Reflective APR100. This combination was present at the event by stripping the Honda Vario 160 motorbike. This activity wanted to show the real results of combining the two. Currently, several Maxdecal products that can be printed using Epson machines are Maxdecal APV80, AHG90, VPF100, LMP80, and TMP80. Meanwhile, Epson machines that can be used to print Maxdecal materials currently have 3 types of eco-solvent ink printers, namely SC-S40670, SC-S60670, and SC-S80670 1 kind of resin ink, namely SC-R5030L.

Apart from providing maximum results, Epson machines also have advantages such as less maintenance machines. Epson machines are also very easy to operate, so they are suitable even if used by beginners. Maxdecal hopes that the combination between Epson machines and Maxdecal print materials can always be great and preferred. Maxdecal also hopes that the two of them can continue to work together at every event, especially in the automotive sector.