Cars Look Cool in the New Year, Try 4 Exclusive Colors of Maxdecal 9800 Series

When using a wrapping sticker, you can change the color of the car without damaging the original paint color of the car. The sticker can be released without damaging the original paint if the sticker is still aged before 3 to 4 years of use. In addition, the installation of a wrapping sticker also keeps the car smooth and scratch-free. This is a very profitable advantage. The resale value is still stable because the original paint and colors are maintained like a new car.

The sticker also helps the car not to be exposed to UV rays directly, which can make the paint color fade. Not only does it prevent UV rays, the sticker can also prevent mold from being exposed to rain that isn’t wiped right away. Another advantage is the cost and maintenance time becomes more efficient when using a car wrap. No need to wax the car after washing, the car that has the sticker on only needs to be wiped dry and clean.

Already know more about wrapping stickers, right? Well, Maxdecal provides wrapping sticker materials with various premium colors. For installation, Maxdecal has a partner, namely Autonetcare. Not only install wrapping car, Autonetcare also provides car glass installation services, dual-layer coating, car salons, sells car carpets, installs PPF, and others. Autonetcare is currently in Bintaro or Cibubur. For you who are interested in making their car have a new look, come to our partner, Autonetcare.

The most wanted series in 2021 is the 9800 series. You can choose the color according to your wishes and character. Maxdecal has 4 exclusive color suggestions for an elegant and cool car look in the new year. The four colors are Grey Titanium, Midnight Purple, Midnight Blue, dan Saffron Yellow. The results given by Maxdecal’s wrapping sticker are the best quality with 98% results like being repainted. The glossy effect given makes the car look more elegant.

For maximum results, you can add Maxdecal VPF Ceramic Coating, which is useful for special coatings for wrapping stickers. In addition to maintaining the durability of the sticker so that it does not fade quickly, this coating can add brightness to the sticker color.

So, what color do you choose for your car in the new year? Come on, celebrate the new year with Maxdecal. We would also want to say “Happy New Year 2022”. Hopefully, this year can be better in the future.