Why Should You Use Paint Protection Film?

Who here has a lovely doi and doesn’t want her to have a scratch? Yes, that’s the doi who accompanies you everywhere, yep, your vehicle. Surely everyone wants their beloved vehicle to be scratch-free. But it is undeniable that small stones on the road can damage vehicle paint. Especially when the vehicle is speeding and small stones will bounce off of the vehicle, such as on the hood and bumper. Not infrequently, the impact of these small stones leaves scratches on the varnish to eventually damage the paint.

Holes or scratches caused by stone chips are permanent, the only way to get rid of them is to repaint them. Of course, this is a tough thing because you have to sacrifice the originality of the vehicle’s paint. This is one of the concerns of drivers. Well, here Maxdecal has tips that you must read to the end so that your vehicle’s paint remains original and avoids scratches.

You don’t have to worry, you can protect your vehicle paint with Maxdecal Paint Protection Film. Let’s get acquainted more deeply with the Paint Protection Film or commonly called Maxdecal’s PPF.

Maxdecal Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a protective film for vehicle paint from harsh road conditions such as scratches from small stones or the sun. PPF has an optical clear character so that it can protect the vehicle paint without covering or losing the original colour of the vehicle. The effect given by PPF is also special, namely hydrophobic and high-gloss so that your vehicle looks glossy and has a wet look.

Maxdecal Paint Protection Film also has features self-healing technology. This technology makes scratches disappear just by heating. So, it is suitable to be used to protect your vehicle paint. No more worrying about damaging the vehicle’s original paint by using Maxdecal Paint Protection Film.

Let’s immediately wrap with Paint Protection Film. Guaranteed to protect your doi paint and make it look cooler, of course with Maxdecal Paint Protection Film.