Dye-Based Ink with the Latest UV+ION Technology

The need for printing documents and other prints is getting higher. Likewise, the need for ink increases. Of course, the use of ink greatly affects the quality of the printed image. There are various types of ink that we can choose from. Each type of ink is designated according to the type and needs of printer. So, make sure you buy the right quality ink for your printer machine.

This time Maxdecal wants to invite you to get acquainted with “dye-based ink”. This type of ink is water-based and colourant, so it fits and can keep the print head. This of course can maintain printer performance and power. As we know it, ink not only affects image results but printer performance.

Another advantage of “dye-based ink” ink is that the price is economical, but the quality of the colors provided is still bright. Its use is very suitable for HVS paper, inkjet paper, glossy paper, PVC ID card, canvas, and others. Usually, this type of ink is widely used in home printers.

Well, Maxdecal has dye inks which of course produce bright and premium colors, that is Maxdecal Dye Ink UV+ION. This ink absorbs perfectly into the paper so that it can cover small dots and provide sharp and detailed printouts. UV+ION technology makes the prints of this ink can be stored with prints that are more durable and resistant to UV rays, so that the print is not easy to fade.

Maxdecal Dye Ink UV+ION is also equipped with an ionization technique, so this is what makes the print quality with vivid colours. This technique is also anti-condensation or can protect the print head from corrosion. This ink can be used for Epson Lseries and Ecotank printers. There are 4 colors, that is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, as well as a head cleaner. Maxdecal provides 3 sizes that you can choose from, the size of 100ml, 250ml, and 1000ml.

Come on, give quality ink for your printer with Maxdecal Dye Ink UV+ION!