Cool DIY Craft Series Collaboration: Maxdecal Dye Ink UV+ION and Maxdecal Sticker

@cinmaaay Baru nyobain bikin stiker hologram, ternyata kyoot banget yaa 💕✨ #CeritaKita #edukasiempat #valentinesday #diy @duniawarnasticker #fyp #samasamabelajar ♬ original sound- Cindy Maygift


Baru nyobain bikin stiker hologram, ternyata kyoot banget yaa 💕✨ #CeritaKita #edukasiempat #valentinesday #diy @duniawarnasticker #fyp #samasamabelajar

♬ original sound – Cindy Maygift – Cindy Maygift

The density of daily activities makes the mind become saturated and tired of what we call stress. There are many ways you can do to reduce the stress. One of them is crafting, as the results of the survey initiated by Hochanda (Home of Craft, Hobbies and Arts) that 52 percent of people enjoy their leisure time more with handicraft activities.

Crafting activities can hone one’s creative skills as well as express your feelings so that this activity can reduce stress. You can try various forms of crafting. One of them Maxdecal wants to discuss making stickers easily and practice at home. Of course using the Maxdecal Craft Series consisting of ink and stickers, a cool collaboration that makes your crafting even more fun.

Maxdecal Dye Ink UV+ION and Maxdecal Stickers are like stamps and glue, complement each other. Maxdecal stickers are specially designed to be able to print stickers on desktop or home printers supported by various new technologies. The technology offered is Maxdecal ink with the DYE type, which is usually used in home printers.

So, let’s discuss how to be creative with making stickers at home using Maxdecal Craft Series ink and stickers. Now you can make your own stickers at home. You can freely design your image as creatively as possible. Because Maxdecal DIY Craft Series stickers can be printed using a home printer, it’s really easy, right?

First, what you need to prepare is of course the design or image you want to print. If you can’t design it yourself, there’s no need to worry because there are already many pictures scattered on the internet. Next, prepare the Maxdecal Sticker and then print it on your home printer. To give maximum results, you can use Maxdecal Dye Ink UV+ION ink.

The reason you should choose Maxdecal ink is that this ink is equipped with various new technologies. The first is ionization technology which produces bright and vivid colors. In addition, this ink has UV + ION technology which makes printouts last longer or doesn’t fade easily. Of course, this is not without reason, but the support of the latest technology makes the sticker resistant to UV rays so that it lasts longer. So it’s suitable for those of you who want to make stickers to stick on outdoor media.

Next, after the material is ready, print the image you want. Taraaaaa, your sticker is done. All you have to do is cut it according to the sticker pattern. Aside from that, this ink can also be used on HVS paper, inkjet paper, glossy paper, PVC ID, canvas, and others. So, Maxdecal Dye Ink UV+ION and Maxdecal stickers are really cool, right? Come on, crafting with Maxdecal as a stress reliever.