Car Modification in the Capital Becomes a Trendsetter

Road to IMX 2022 was held again on April 23 2022, at the P3 Taman Anggrek parking area. This activity is held from 10 AM to 7 PM. This time IMX carries the theme “Jakarta Automotive Modified Meet-up”.

In line with IMX in Semarang, car enthusiasts and the car community can also participate by registering their best-modified cars. Likewise, Maxdecal, who also participated, included his creations in the contest. This time Maxdecal dressed the Nissan Fairlady 350z using the Maxdecal 9800 series in Soul Red color.

Some of the other contestants’ cars were also wrapped with Maxdecal. Of course, this is a matter of pride for Maxdecal because it continues to be trusted to wrap cars and even use it for contest needs. Maxdecal will continue to support the creativity of car enthusiasts everywhere by providing the best wrapping stickers.

Not only in Jakarta and Semarang, but this contest will also be held in other cities. Andre Mulyadi said, as the Director of the IMX Project, each city has its own characteristics in developing its modification creativity. However, he also said that Jakarta remains one of the barometers of the modified car scene on a national scale.

“Even so, Jakarta remains one of the barometers of the modified car scene on a national scale to motivate the modification industry players which can later be applied in other areas,” said Andre.

The excitement of Road to IMX 2022 Jakarta is increasingly felt when a special guest arrives, Sandiaga Uno, as Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. Sandiaga said that Indonesia already has many creative and imaginative talents. He hopes to make it an attraction for tourists. Sandiaga Uno also hopes that the automotive industry can develop on an international scale.

“The automotive industry is growing. This can be seen from the work produced by the industry players. In the future hopefully it can involve modifications in terms of financing at events on an international scale,” said Sandiaga Uno.

“Hopefully, in the next few years the innovation of the nation’s children will become an attraction for tourists,” concluded Sandiaga Uno.

This activity is also targeted to provide a positive program for automotive hobbyists, who are dominated by the millennial generation and gen z. Road to IMX is a form of appreciation for car enthusiasts and the community so that they can gather, share ideas, and expand relationships in the modification industry. The event at Taman Anggrek Mall is one of a series of events leading to the peak event of the Indonesian Modification Expo or IMX 2022, which will be held on October 1-2 at the JCC (Jakarta Convention Center).

“The presence of the Road to IMX 2022 heating event at the Taman Anggrek Mall also presents the Car Meet-up event packaging, education and of course the spirit of collaboration while preparing the entire aftermarket industry for the peak event of IMX 2022, 1-2 October at the JCC later,” he added.

This fun will continue until the end of the year, so make sure you don’t miss any information about IMX 2022. Keep updating the information here. Maxdecal will continue to participate in supporting and enlivening this event.