Inspiration to Make BMW The Center of Attention A la Harris Vriza

Actor Harris Vriza, who is known to have an automotive hobby and often modifies his car, now he is changing the color of his luxury car again. This model and YouTuber really likes to collect luxury cars, of course this is accompanied by maintenance of the appearance of the luxury cars. So, don’t wonder he cares so much about the appearance of his car. This time he changed his BMW car using Saffron Yellow from Maxdecal 9800 Series.

Harris or often called Ais takes extreme ways to make his car look very different. He chose his car wrapping with quirky but eye-catching colors. A twist of Saffron Yellow or yellow makes the car the center of attention. He said that he had wanted to wrap his car in bright colors for a long time.

“My favorite car can also get this color because I’ve always wanted bright colors like this, but I don’t dare at all. But now it’s like ah no no, I have to be brave and turns out the results are very satisfying,” said Harris quoted from YouTube Harrisvriza Entertainment, 20 March 2022.

For this wrapping need, Harris still trusts Maxdecal to give his car a touch. A twist of yellow with a glossy finish on the BMW car makes the car look even more elegant. Of course, Maxdecal is very proud and happy because of Harris Vriza’s trust in Maxdecal.

Harris is very satisfied with the result of wrapping BMW with his Maxdecal 9800 Series. He didn’t stop being amazed when he first saw the appearance of his car after wrapping. Harris’ courage to change the color of his car paid off because the results were satisfying.

“Waw, wah, that’s really good,” said Harris in awe when he saw his car for the first time after being wrapped.

That’s the inspiration for Harris Vriza to make the car the center of attention. Let’s go, who wants the car to be the center of attention too? It can be the same as Harris. Maxdecal also provides other bright and elegant colors. Let’s wrap with Maxdecal!