Rio Dewanto’s Campervan: Open a Café in the Car

Source: Om Mobi (YouTube)

Renowned Indonesian actor Rio Dewanto turned his car into a campervan that could also be a café. Rio drew his own campervan design, so it’s very personal to him. He changed it from the exterior to the interior. One of them is Rio Dewanto collaborating with Maxdecal to make the car look more elegant.

Rio wrapping his campervan with Maxdecal 9500 Series. The main character in this coffee philosophy film chose the color Matt Anthrecite Metallic. The gray color with a solid matte look makes the car look dashing.

It’s not only the amazing outside but the interior too. This campervan is designed to be as comfortable as possible, so that the equipment in the car is also customized according to Rio’s design. One of them is the back of the car, that is used as a place like a cafe that can serve coffee. As in one of the videos on Om Mobi’s YouTube, Rio serves coffee for Om Mobi.

This campervan was supposed to be on display at the GIIAS event, but it didn’t happen because of the pandemic. Now he uses his car for daily activities, one of them being a place to relax on the set. He said that when he brought the campervan to the set, usually this car will be used as a place to wait and serve coffee for friends at the shooting location.

“When I was shooting my latest film, Ben&Jody, I brought it to the shooting location. To wait, make serving coffee,” Rio Dewanto’s story quoted from YouTube Om Mobi, 18 January 2022.

In addition, Rio designed the area behind the wheel with various needs to rest and relax. One of them is that he makes a bed for four people. Even this bed can also be converted into a table and chair for coffee to meetings. Rio also equips his car with entertainment needs such as television and surround audio. He also added other items such as guitars, action figures of himself in the coffee philosophy film, and others to add aesthetics and function to his campervan.

How about a Rio Dewanto-style campervan? It’s really cool and comfortable, especially when it looks super elegant with the Maxdecal wrapping sticker. Let’s go, those who want the same color as the Rio Dewanto car, you can use Matt Anthrecite Metallic color from Maxdecal 9500 Series. Look forward to more fun with Maxdecal!