Cutting stickers on the body is common, if the interior is covered with stickers, is it okay?

Source: detikOto

The trend of cutting car body stickers is common, but what are the benefits of cutting stickers for the car body?. It turns out that the trend of cutting car interior stickers is common in the realm of modification because it has the benefit of making the interior look cooler.

As stated by Sales and Development Maxdecal, Nofian to detikOto. Nofian explained cutting stickers can be important to protect the vehicle from scratches.

“Sticker cutting is very important in protecting the vehicle from scratches and minor impacts. The thickness of the sticker starts from 100-180 microns depending on the type, but the max coating is only 30 microns”, said Nofian.

“There are many positions in the interior of the car that are often touched or scratched easily. Besides being able to beautify the vehicle, it is a removable sticker, so it can be opened at any time without destroying the existing media. Of course, you must install and disassemble it at the place we recommend”, Nofian added.

Regarding the sticker’s durability, Nofian explained that the sticker is long enough to reach 3 years.

“Automotive Grade stickers can be used for a minimum of 3 years or more. It depends on the maintenance of the car itself and the weather conditions in each country. Through the Maxdecal Authorized Applicator Program, we provide education and recommendations on where to install a good sticker”, said Nofian.

“This year Maxdecal put out 2 products at this IMX event. Maxdecal Wrapterior is a sticker with the latest technology that can stick to uneven surfaces, for example, car dashboards. In addition, PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a strong transparent sticker and Self Healing for soft scratches. For friends who don’t like to change the original color of the car itself. But it protects the car’s original paint because PPF is 150-200 microns thick”, added to detikOto.

Nofian explained as an automotive sticker product, MAXDECAL has the advantage of having hundreds of color options, glue resistance, and reach 4-5 years, it has bubble-free technology when installed, the sticker material is flexible, so it’s easy to apply.

In addition, MAXDECAL has a choice of Woodgrain Burlwood Brown, Woodgrain Walnut Black, Woodgrain Walnut Brown, dan Woodgrain Walnut Dark Brown motifs to make the cabin feel more luxurious”, said Nofian Hendra.

MAXDECAL interior products are sold to consumers in a price range of IDR 5-9 million. Meanwhile, for body wrapping services, the price range is between IDR 9-18 million. The price range really depends on the type of product selected, the size of the car, and the location of installation to the consumer’s car. “We sell every MAXDECAL product at an affordable price, considering the very good quality. We hope that the presence of MAXDECAL in the Indonesian automotive world can educate consumers about the application of automotive stickers, and be a part in advancing the automotive industry even though it is still in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic”, close Nofian Hendra.