Green Car Trend: Twin with Willgoz and Edward Tanzil? Why Not!

Wow, the new year 2022 is here. In addition to the new year, does your car has a new look or not? For those of you who are bored and want to change the color of the car but don’t want to damage the original paint of the car, you can use wrapping as an alternative. Wrapping is putting stickers on all parts of the car body, which aims to protect the original paint from scratches.

As done by a famous chef from the country, namely Willgoz, who also celebrated the new year by changing the color of his car. This chef, whose full name is William Gozali, has replaced his BMW with the color Khaki Green belonging to the Maxdecal 9800 Series. The greyish-green character from khaki green makes the BMW Willgoz look even more elegant and dashing.

Source: Edward Tanzil (YouTube)

Like the famous automotive influencer Edward Tanzil, who changed the color of Rudolph’s car to Midnight Green. Different from Willgoz, Edward made a color change to his car in celebration of Christmas. Edward said the midnight green dressing on his BMW made the look more elegant.

“Overall, I really like Rudolph’s new look, it looks more luxurious”

“I’m speechless, this green is really good. So there is a dark to light contrast, really playful and it’s really like paint, so it’s not like a sticker”, said Edward Tanzil.

The first time he saw his car finished wrapping, Edward was very surprised because the car exceeded his expectations. He said Rudolph’s new look was different from usual.

“It’s crazy I didn’t expect the results to be like this, guys. This is really different from Rudolph in general. Usually red, right? it’s changed to green then the color is dark, so really not like Rudolph, so this is a really new look”, said Edward Tanzil excitedly and amazed to see the new look of his car.

Well, Maxdecal’s friend who wants a twin vehicle with Willgoz and Edward Tanzil. Let’s wrap!