Hologram Stickers: Stylish and Myriad Advantages of Motorcycle Striping

Motorcycle modifications are never timeless, there is always a new trend every year. One of them is the hologram color, this trend started with stickers “Harta, Tahta, Wanita” sticker that adorns many motorcycles in 2020. After that, trend stickers hologram continues and was created into striping motorcycle, cars, and also truck. Maxdecal also enliven this trend with its 7100 Hologram Series. Stylish and cool is the first impression of Hologram Series give. The rainbow effect when exposed light makes striping look unique and quirky.

The appearance of the motorbike is indeed an important element for automotive lovers. One of them is modifying the striping motor. Striping on the latest motorbikes is more eye-catching, but there are also motorbikes that are with minimal striping. But this does not detract from the essence of the appearance of the motor.

The appearance of a motorbike that has minimal striping or is just bored with the striping of an old motorbike can be overcome by modifying it. Many motorcycles and cars replace or add striping to the body. One of them is by adding a motorcycle brand striping printed with hologram stickers and also lines accented with hologram. The motor more alive look because not plain. There are many fans of striping, from automatic motorbikes to manual motorbikes and even off-road motorbikes. Motorcycle striping can also feel more personal by adding your custom name.

In addition to adding the impression of a new appearance, the modification of the striping of the motorbike makes the motorbike feel limited. Striping motorbike modifications must use premium sticker materials to produce the best quality. Maxdecal provides premium motorcycle striping materials, namely the 7100 Hologram Series.

There are many colors and patterns to choose from, such as Hologram Prismatic Silver, Hologram Prismatic Gold, Hologram Disco Silver, Hologram Zigzag Silver, Hologram Oil Silver, Hologram Silver Amoled, Hologram Silver Fish Skin, Hologram Silver Original Genuine, dan Metal Hologram.

This Maxdecal 7100 Hologram Series sticker is specifically for motorcycle and car variations. Not recommended for car wrapping because the materials are different. Especially for car wrapping, Maxdecal provides special wrapping stickers with 2 series, namely 9500 Series and 9800 Series.

Besides being used for automotive, the 7100 Hologram Series can be used for crafts, home decoration, scrapbooking, etc. 7100 Hologram Series can also be used to decorate bottles and other accessories. Your favorite stuff feel more personal with the custom sticker cutting that you make. So, what’s your next idea to create the 7100 Hologram Series? Let’s create your ideas and tag Maxdecal on Instagram @maxdecalofficial and @maxdecalstore