Modified Motorcycle Cross Malika Sticker x Maxdecal Steal Attention at Bono Moto Fest & Dyno Battle Pekanbaru

Source: Frequency Indonesian Motors (YouTube)

Malika Sticker in collaboration with Super Motor Santuy, showed off his modified off-road motorcycle wrapping with Maxdecal APC80 Automotive Printable Chrome Silver. The bright and distinct chrome silver color attracts the attention of visitors. Even the contestants haven’t used this type of decal yet. The exhibition titled Bono Moto Fest & Dyno Battle has been held at SKA Mall Pekanbaru on 26-28 November 2021. Maxdecal participated as a sponsor in collaboration with Malika Sticker and Riau Sticker.

Off-road or trail motorbikes are famous for their attractive decals and are created in such a way. One of the specialists in off-road motorcycle decals is Malika Sticker, who shows off his modified off-road motorcycle. So it’s not surprising that off-road motorcycles at this exhibition are the center of attention. However, the motorbike was deliberately not attended in the contest because Malika Sticker wanted to introduce the Maxdecal APC80 Automotive Printable Chrome Silver decal first.

“We thought these friends (contestants) wear not premium decals yet. So we give (see) materials that are already leading to premium. So we give education to our friends, you can see that there are sticker materials. So the conclusion is, we will withdraw first to get out of the contest, we will make our own stand explaining all the products.”, said Rio from Super Motor Santuy, media partner of Malika Sticker.

In addition to modifying the decal, this off-road motorcycle tire has also been changed to a super moto tire. Another modification is the replacement of the exhaust and gears, so they look different and look cool. Especially the most attention-grabbing is indeed the motor cross decal wrapped with Maxdecal APC80 Automotive Printable Chrome Silver material. Another advantage of this sticker is can be customized with any image according to the owner request.

Source: Frequency Indonesian Motors (YouTube)

Not only showing off the decals at Malika’s booth this sticker also showcased Maxdecal PPF or Premium Paint Protection Film. Maxdecal PPF serves to protect the paint on your vehicle from scratches. Usually this PPF is used on cars, but it can also be used on motorized vehicles such as the one attached to the Harley Davidson in this exhibition.

This event treats the longing of automotive hobbyists in Pekanbaru after a long time without an event. Bono Production made it happen by holding an event titled Bono Moto Fest & Dyno Battle at SKA Mall Pekanbaru. This event was enthusiastically welcomed by automotive hobbyists, as seen from the 202 motorbikes that became contestants. Not only enthusiastically welcomed by the contestants but also by many visitors who visit this event.