Launches Ink with New Technology, Maxdecal Ready to Present the Best Ink for Indonesia

Maxdecal closed the end of the year by launching an ink with a new technology dye ink type, namely Maxdecal DYE Ink UV+ION. Maxdecal packs this ink in 3 sizes, 100ml, 250ml, and 1000ml. Available colors such as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and Head Cleaning. Especially for the 100ml size, there are two additional colors, namely Light Cyan and Light Magenta.

Along with time, the need for ink is increasing. This makes Maxdecal want to continue to innovate to provide the best for customers. One of them is a new technology, that is UV+ION which is found in this new ink. Water-based formula with UV+ION technology can keep prints longer and resistant to UV rays, so that the prints don’t fade easily. The ionization technique provides the best quality that can produce vivid colors and anti-condensation, which has a function to protect the print head from corrosion.

This ink is perfect for use with Maxdecal DIY Craft Series stickers. You can use this ink to print Maxdecal’s DIY sticker material. So, you can print stickers at home with sharp color quality and premium sticker materials. Now printing stickers at home is easier and still has a good quality.

The color results provided are of premium quality and brighter. In addition, Maxdecal DYE Ink UV+ION offers perfect absorption into paper so that it can cover small dots and produce sharp with detailed results in prints. So, this ink is perfect for those of you who want detailed image prints.

Maxdecal DYE Ink UV+ION can be used on Epson Lseries and Epson Ecotank printers. Some examples of Epson Lseries such as L3110, Epson L3210, Epson L121, Epson L3150, Epson L120 and Epson Ecotank printers, such as Epson Ecotank L14150, Epson Ecotank L3150, Epson Ecotank L15150, Epson Ecotank L3210.

Maxdecal DYE Ink UV+ION ink uses double protection, the ink is packaged with a plastic seal and very safe packaging. So, Maxdecal friends don’t have to worry if the ink will spill during shipping. In addition to ink, at this launch, Maxdecal also provides Head Cleaning which functions to clean the printer head.

Maxdecal friends can get Maxdecal DYE Ink UV+ION at the official Maxdecal store at Tokopedia and Shoppe. Maxdecal will continue to strive to develop new technologies for the development of the printing industry. Stay tuned for the next Maxdecal latest technology.