The Excitement of the Land of Bali is Explored by the BMW M Series in the M Owners Club Indonesia Event Unfold Bali 2021

Source: @m_ownersclubid (Instagram)

M Owners Club Indonesia (MOCI), supported by BMW, held an annual driving experience event entitled “Unfold Bali 2021”. This event has been held on 6 days 5 nights from 3-8 December 2021 in Bali. Unfold Bali 2021 was attended by 43 BMW M vehicles with 122 participants. Maxdecal also supported this activity, Maxdecal 9800 Series Super Gloss Metallic with Midnight Green color was also present at this event.

In addition to the annual event, this activity also celebrates the anniversary of MOCI, which will celebrate its 14th anniversary, and BMW will be 50 years old. This event provides an experience for participants to drive using a BMW M and combines the theme of sport and lifestyle. In this event, BMW M series owners express their hobbies by touring using the BMW M series around Bali. 122 participants with 43 cars were also attended by their families. So, that feel more intimacy in this event.

The car that attended this event was the BMW M Series, from the old to the newest variants gathered into one. Participants’ made their cars attractive, such as colors that were eye-catching. One of Maxdecal’s newest series, the 9800 Series Super Gloss Metallic, was also present at this event. Andrian S Karjadi at Unfold Bali 2021 using Maxdecal Midnight Green wrapping. The Midnight Green color dressing of the Maxdecal 9800 Series makes his BMW M more elegant and luxurious.

Instantly, the land of Bali adorns many car colors. Participants’ cars were also given a sticker Unfold Bali 2021 on the top glass of the car and a number on the door of a racer-style car, giving a familiarity and cooler impression at the event. So that the tour feels more exciting and memorable for the participants.