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The Excitement of the Land of Bali is Explored by the BMW M Series in the M Owners Club Indonesia Event Unfold Bali 2021

Source: @m_ownersclubid (Instagram) M Owners Club Indonesia (MOCI), supported by BMW, held an annual driving experience event entitled “Unfold Bali 2021”. This event has been held on 6 days 5 nights from 3-8 December 2021 in Bali. Unfold Bali 2021 was attended by 43 BMW M vehicles with 122 participants. Maxdecal also supported this activity, [read more…]

Keseruan Tanah Bali dijajaki BMW M Series dalam Event M Owners Club Indonesia “Unfold Bali 2021”

Sumber: @m_ownersclubid (Instagram) M Owners Club Indonesia (MOCI) didukung oleh BMW mengadakan acara annual driving experience berjudul “Unfold Bali 2021”. Acara ini diselenggarakan selama 6 hari 5 malam mulai 3-8 Desember 2021 di Bali. Unfold Bali 2021 diikuti oleh 43 kendaraan BMW M dengan 122 peserta. Maxdecal turut mendukung kegiatan ini, Maxdecal 9800 Series Super [read more…]