Maserati “The Dark Red”: Harris Vriza Car Appearance Exceeds Expectations

The multitalented young actor who is often called Harris Vriza changed the color of his car Maserati Grandturismo MC Stradale with midnight dark red from Maxdecal’s 9800 Series. Actor, presenter, model, and youtuber with full name Harris Illano Vriza is indeed known to have a hobby in automotive, seen from the collections of luxury cars. Of course, this makes Harris care about the appearance and maintenance of his car. Harris has always trusted Maxdecal for the appearance of his car from the past until now.

“But I always Maxdecal, right? It’s really cool, I’m always trusted Maxdecal from the first until now. From BMW, Alphard, and now Maserati. It’s cool”, said Harris Vriza when at Maxdecal Authorized Applicator.

Harris chose midnight dark red color, Super Gloss Metallic variant from the Maxdecal 9800 Series. Now he calls his Maserati “The Dark Red”. Harris was amazed when he first saw the appearance of his car that had been wrapped by Maxdecal. He said that the result exceeded his expectations. Harris didn’t expect his Maserati good in midnight dark red color.

“This Maxdecal color is exceptional. But honestly, I don’t expect this good”, said Harris looking very satisfied with the result.

Maxdecal always prioritizes buyer satisfaction. For this reason, Maxdecal always strives to provide the best and neatest when installing wrapping. To give maximum results to the wrapping sticker on Harris’s Maserati, Maxdecal added VPF Ceramic Coating, which is a coating is specifically used for wrapping stickers. This coating can add brightness to the color of the sticker and maintain the durability of the sticker, so it doesn’t fade quickly.

Harris said he would soon take his car for riding. He wants to take his Maserati “The Dark Red” on Sunmori (Sunday Morning Ride) with his friends.

“So we immediately take it away, guys. Strolling around, tomorrow we can Sunmori”, said Harris excitedly.

So, that is the fun of Maxdecal with Harris Vriza at Maxdecal Authorized Applicator. Who wants a car color twin with Harris Vriza, let’s wrap it on Maxdecal. Maxdecal is always ready to make your car look outstanding.