Hassle-Free Home Business

This pandemic period made some people become more creative in opening new business ideas at home, from selling drinks, dessert boxes, food, and other accessories. So, Maxdecal participates in supporting by providing sticker variants that can be printed at home. Especially for those of you who are students and want to try a business in the creative industry.

Sticker business can be the right choice for those of you. Now, you can do sticker business at home without the need for a big machine. Maxdecal provides sticker materials with the new technology, so you can print stickers on a desktop printer such as HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, etc with the best quality printing.

Tools and materials needed are only Maxdecal DIY sticker materials, a desktop printer, and scissors. Maxdecal DIY stickers can be printed on a home printer because these stickers are specially designed with a coating inkjet. So it’s easier to produce stickers at home because it’s enough with a home printer based on dye ink. The results are also of high quality.

The easy and fast process makes this business very suitable for home industries. The production time is not long, just like you normally print plain paper on a desktop printer. You can create a custom sticker system for customers, so feel like limited for your customers. If you want to feel more different, you can use Dye Holographic sticker. This type gives a rainbow effect when exposed to light, so it looks different from ordinary stickers.

Other than hologram type, Maxdecal provides other types such as Dye Brittle Security, Dye Vinyl White Glossy PP, Dye White Glossy Photo Paper, Dye Transparent. Maxdecal sticker materials are of high quality, according to your needs. This sticker can also be used for product labels. If you want your impression of the sticker of being one with the product, you can use Dye Transparent.

The new technology provided makes Maxdecal sticker material are water-resistant, so you can also use them for bottle accessories, food or drink packaging, etc. You can also add a transparent laminate layer with PET Overlaminate Glossy, which serves as a protector so that the layer doesn’t get scratched. Waterbase Adhesive Technology makes this sticker more resistant to water, making it very suitable for laminating food and beverage stickers.