Maxdecal at DNC Lifestyle Exhibition 2021 Shows PPF Self Healing Skills

Success with DNC Independence Run 2021, Jevon called Sultan of PIK held the Day Night Crew Lifestyle Exhibition. This event held on November 4-7 November 2021 at PIK Avenue. Maxdecal participated in this event, exhibiting the Premium Wrap Film Series 9800 and PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Maxdecal collaborated with Drip Experiments showing off a Jeep wrapped in a Premium Wrap Series 9800 – Super Gloss Metallic G357 Metallic Mauvine Blue. The color of blue purplish is like being repainted, making the car look elegant and cool.

The last day of DNC Lifestyle Exhibition was Sunday, started with the DNC Morning Run. Many automotive influencers were present, such as Edward Tanzil, Jacki from Pengepul Mobil, and many others. Edward Tanzil visited the Maxdecal booth, he saw the Jeep was wrapped with the Maxdecal 9800 series. Edward was amazed to see the result of the wrapping was exactly like repainted.

“The purple is really cool, it’s exactly like repainted. If you saw yesterday, the usual stickers have less light or dim effect. Meanwhile, Maxdecal wrapping has gradation color effect light and dark same as repaint, it’s so cool.”, said Edward.

Besides that, Maxdecal also showcased its flagship products, PPF (Paint Protection Film). PPF is useful for protecting car paint to keep it good. The transparent character of PPF keeps the original color of the car paint but still protects it.

To prove of self-healing sophistication of Maxdecal’s PPF, Edward Tanzil, Jevon, Dyland Pros and Keith Slime tried to scratch a Jeep that had been wrapped in Maxdecal’s PPF. The jeep was scratched with shoes, iron brushes, and lastly was the Keith Slime’s katana. The Jeep parts that were injured are completely back like new, no scratches.

The optimal self-healing technology of PPF Maxdecal makes scratches disappear just by heating. Jevon demonstrates how to remove scratches by heating.

“For example there’s a little scratch, it’s gone by heating, right?”, said Jevon.

The Day Night Crew Lifestyle Exhibition collaborates with a number of other automotive brands, that is Prestige Motorcars, Famous Auto, Matrix Motor, Gading Auto Cars, The Bike Brothers,  C300 Elite Motor, and Chris Auto Garage. DNC isn’t just about super cars and automotive accessories, but also Lucky Cat and Drip Experiments which sell clothes and shoes and Our Time Watch which sells watches and Passion Jewelry that sells jewelry. Look forward to other exciting events from Maxdecal x Day Night Crew, which are certainly no less interesting.