Special GRMN Yaris Look Ridwan Hanif

Renowned automotive YouTuber Ridwan Hanif changes the concept of his GR Yaris car. He changed some parts of his car to become a GRMN Yaris look. One of them is that he changed the color of his car from tarmac black to matte steel. This color is the same as the GRMN Yaris released in Japan. Ridwan Hanif entrusted the wrapping sticker for his GR Yaris to Maxdecal using the 9500 series Matt Chrome Grey color.

“Yesterday, we wrapped the car again in autonetwrap with Maxdecal material. And here’s a look, wow it’s crazy I’ve never seen this car after wrapping,”

“This wrapping is really cool,” said Ridwan Hanif in amazement, quoted from YouTube Ridwan Hanif Rahmadi, March 13 2022.

Ridwan deliberately wrapped his car with Maxdecal Matt Chrome Grey to make it look like the GRMN Yaris. This color on the GRMN Yaris is called matte steel. Ridwan Hanif explained that the matte steel color has a grey matte character like the color of steel.

“And he also got a special color called matte steel, the color is like the color of steel, but it’s doff, matte, not metallic like the others,” said Ridwan Hanif.

Ridwan Hanif was inspired because Japan had just released the GRMN Yaris or Gazoo Racing Meisters of Nürburgring. The GRMN Yaris series is a GR Yaris model that has undergone refinement, so it has several differences. The body of the GRMN looks stiffer because it has been upgraded from the GR Yaris. The weight of the car has also been reduced by about 20 kg due to they used lightweight carbon with high rigidity for the roof, hood, and rear spoiler. In addition, the rear seat is removed to make it a two-person car.

“So in Japan it just launched its name GRMN Yaris, Gazoo Racing Meisters of Nürburgring. Actually, the GRMN was already in the previous version of the Toyota Yaris. Now in the current version the GR Yaris is out again and this GRMN variant is even rarer, it’s only sold in Japan and there are only 500 units, just a little bit,” said Ridwan Hanif.

This is what inspired Ridwan Hanif to change the appearance of his GR Yaris into a GRMN Yaris look. Especially the appearance of the car body with the Maxdecal 9500 series makes Ridwan’s car look cool with its matte grey color character. So, who wants to make GRMN Yaris look like a twin with Ridwan Hanif? Come on, wrap your car with Maxdecal 9500 series in Matte Chrome Grey.