The Cool Way to Protect Roy Ricardo’s Car

The famous rapper Roy Ricardo just bought a new car on his birthday. Besides being famous as a singer, the full name Roy Yohanes Febriyanto Siahaan is also known to have an automotive hobby. He often shares his automotive hobby activities on the YouTube channel KR TV (King Royal TV).

Roy Ricardo bought his dream car for a long time, the red E39 Wagon. Roy immediately installed Maxdecal Paint Protection Film (PPF) to keep the paint color of his favorite car. The streets of the capital city Jakarta are filled with motorbikes, rocks, and heat can damage the car’s paint color. This is the reason Roy wants to immediately install PPF for his car so that the paint remains protected.

“The paint color is still new, this imora latte red. So how do you keep it protected bro, because you know the streets of Jakarta, motorbikes, then rocks, the heat will really damage the paint. How do you do it, PPF is the solution,” Roy’s explanation quoted from YouTube KR TV, March 17 2022.

The decision to wrap a car with Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the right choice when you want to protect the car paint but don’t want to lose the authenticity of the car’s color. This is because the PPF character is optic clear. Roy asked for the best quality Paint Protection Film wrapping and the highest price for his E39 Wagon. Wrap Station gave him Maxdecal Paint Protection Film with a thickness of 200 micron. Of course, this choice is the right choice for choosing Maxdecal for your Paint Protection Film needs.

This is because Maxdecal Paint Protection Film is equipped with self-healing technology that can provide protection for car paint. When there are soft scratches on the PPF, Maxdecal PPF will self-healing by heating it with a fire and it will return to its original state. So that the car paint remains safe.

The use of Maxdecal Paint Protection Film (PPF) also gives an elegant impression. The appearance of the car becomes shiny and tends to wet look, the appearance of a car like this is identical to a luxury car. Likewise, the appearance of Roy Ricardo’s car which is coated with Maxdecal PPF looks even more luxurious with its wet look. He said he didn’t expect his car to look that cool.

“So my car looks really wet. Wow, that’s cool, I didn’t expect it,” said Roy Ricardo.

Very interesting to try, right? Come on, immediately protect your favorite car with Maxdecal Paint Protection Film. All vehicles can be wrapped with Maxdecal PPF. Apart from being protected, your car will look great with its wet look.