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IMX 2022 Kick Off: The Indonesian Kalcer, Typical Modification of the Indonesian’s Children

Maxdecal attended the prestigious automotive opening event, namely Kick Off IMX 2022 which was held at Studio Sepat, South Jakarta (28/1). Maxdecal shows off the Garasi Drift’s Nissan Silvia S15 wrapped with the 9800 Series Special Edition, Sanmarino Blue. The owner of the car nicknamed Monalisa was also present, namely Dipo and Ziko, Garasi Drift. [read more…]

Kick Off IMX 2022: The Indonesian Kalcer, Modifikasi Khas Anak Bangsa

Maxdecal menghadiri acara pembukaan otomotif bergengsi di tanah air yaitu Kick Off IMX 2022 yang digelar di Studio Sepat, Jakarta Selatan (28/1). Maxdecal memamerkan Nissan Silvia S15 Garasi Drift yang diwrapping dengan 9800 Series Special Edition yaitu Sanmarino Blue. Pemilik mobil yang dijuluki Monalisa ini juga turut hadir, yaitu Dipo dan Ziko, Garasi Drift. Keseruan [read more…]