IMX 2022 Kick Off: The Indonesian Kalcer, Typical Modification of the Indonesian’s Children

Maxdecal attended the prestigious automotive opening event, namely Kick Off IMX 2022 which was held at Studio Sepat, South Jakarta (28/1). Maxdecal shows off the Garasi Drift’s Nissan Silvia S15 wrapped with the 9800 Series Special Edition, Sanmarino Blue. The owner of the car nicknamed Monalisa was also present, namely Dipo and Ziko, Garasi Drift. The excitement of this event was even more felt when it was attended by Bambang Soesatyo, Chairman of MPR RI, as well as Chairman of the NMAA Committee Board.

Bambang Soesatyo’s car was also exhibited at this event. Green color with fire accents wrapped around the antique car. Bambang said he was very proud of his car, which was the work of Indonesian children.

“In front of you, these are the works of young Indonesians in this room. I’m really proud of this car of mine, it looks like it’s made overseas but actually it’s made in Indonesia”, said Bambang Soesatyo.

IMX, the fifth event belonging to this nation’s children, is different from the previous year. Andre Mulyadi, IMX Project Director said that IMX 2022 is filled with 70% automotive and 30% lifestyle. So that later it will not only sell automotive stuff but also lifestyle elements, such as sneakers, NFT, clocks, and others.

“This year we include lifestyle elements. So 70% is automotive, 30% has lifestyle elements. There will be a lot of new excitement typical of young people, there are sneakers, thank you from the Indo Sneakers Team, who are also willing to assist and support our activities”, said Andre Mulyadi.

In 2022, IMX will be held offline again because previously it was virtual due to the pandemic. Indonesia Modification Expo 2022 will be held on 1-2 October 2022 in Hall A – JCC. This year, IMX carries the theme The Indonesian Kalcer, which has a dream to make Indonesian modifications that are known to the world.

“In accordance with the theme of Indonesia Modification Expo 2022, The Indonesian Kalcer. We will make modifications to Indonesia, the typical lifestyle of these young Indonesians to get one characteristic and become known in the world. It’s the dream of all of us. So please support together to be able to continue to bring this so that we have a characteristic and are known to the world”, added Andre.

Maxdecal also supports to create modifications typical of Indonesia by always presenting new technology and colors. The presence of Maxdecal is not only marketed for Indonesia but also for the global market. So, it is hoped that Maxdecal can also introduce the work of the nation’s children to the world.