Maxdecal Releases Asia’s First Superior Scratch-Resistant Sticker Technology to be Introduced at IMX 2022

Jakarta (27/01) – Maxdecal launched its flagship product 9800 Series with 32 new colors at this IMX event. In the middle of last year, Maxdecal launched 3 colors Special Edition Modz Battle 2, such as Red Magma, Arancio Orange, dan Sanmarino Blue. These three colors are the same as those used by the 3 Modz Battle season 2: Toyota Supra Team Ridwan Hanif Rahmadi, RX-7 Car Collecting Team, and Nissan Silvia S15 Garage Drift.

“Previously we launched 3 colors Special Edition 9800 Series at Modz Battle 2. This year, we released 32 new colors that are premium, elegant, and super glossy like paint”, said Nofian Hendra as Research and Development Maxdecal.

Maxdecal comes from a dream to fulfill the need for high quality sticker products at affordable prices. Maxdecal presents various products for the needs of the automotive industry, creative, safety & transportation signs, digital printing, advertising, signage, packaging & label printing, and other creative industries.

One of our Special Edition sticker variants with premium and elegant colors, which has developed into a trend in the automotive world. Maxdecal is getting serious about working on the international and Indonesian markets by presenting a breakthrough 32 new colors that are very much liked by automotive lovers in the Maxdecal 9800 Series. So far, Maxdecal also had sales in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Europe, and America.

As a local brand that has sales to foreign countries, Maxdecal continues to innovate. The innovations provided by Maxdecal include this wrapping sticker that can be polished and coated, so it feels like using original car paint. The result of the display of the wrapping sticker given was 98% as if it had been repainted. Maxdecal 9800 Series also has superior scratch-resistant technology.

“The Maxdecal 9800 has 35 colors, including the Special Edition Modz Battle season 2 variant yesterday. The quality of this 9800 resembles the original paint, there is a scratch-resistant feature with a resin top coated, so it can be polished and coated like paint. The quality of our products is arguably the first in Asia to have these advantages”, said Nofian Hendra.

Maxdecal 9800 also has the advantage of zero orange peel surface or a smooth surface because it uses a special PET Liner material from Germany. Meanwhile, the adhesives are made by manufacturers in England and Ireland who specialize in producing adhesives for automotive purposes. So, don’t be surprised if Maxdecal has a material durability of 5-7 years.

As the best choice product for automotive stickers, Maxdecal also has advantages in terms of installation that is bubble free, when installed and the sticker material is flexible so it is easy to apply.

Maxdecal 9800 Series has 3 variants:

  1. Super Wet Gloss: Basic color without metallic high opacity that is very glossy.
  2. Super Ultra Gloss: Base color with swiss cyrallic and high opacity, creating a very glossy and wet look.
  3. Super Gloss Metallic: Metallic color with swiss cyrallic makes the impression like original paint and wet look.

In addition, what is PPF?

PPF stands for Paint Protection Film, which is a type of sticker or film that must have a special thickness standard to protect minor impacts on motorized vehicles. PPF consists of 2 types there are self-healing and non-self-healing.

To see the results of vehicles that have been applied with the Maxdecal 9800 Series sticker, You can see on our social media pages like in Instagram: @maxdecalofficial, YouTube: Maxdecal Official, dan

Maxdecal always strives to provide technological innovations and new color variants. This is a form of Maxdecal’s support to promote Indonesian automotive that deserves to be known to the world.