Trill Motorcycle Trend Decal 2022: Extreme But Still Cool

One of the most popular extreme sports in Indonesia is trill motorcycle racing. This sport is a trill motorcycle racing event where you compete for speed and hone agility. Of course, this is very interested for people who have high adrenaline. Trill motorcycle racing is known for going over extreme tracks like dirt, mud, or uneven rocks.

Apart from being famous can penetrate extreme tracks, trill bikes are also famous for their decals. The racers will change the decal after every race. Not only shows speed, but trill motorcycle racing also prioritizes the appearance of the bike. So, the racers regularly change the decal to make it look good and attractive every time.

Trill bikes are not only used for racing events, but many people also use them for everyday motorbikes. But of course, the appearance of the decal must still be cool. Decals can be created in such a way, even custom with the image you want. Maxdecal provides many variants of digital printing materials for your trail bike creations.

The photo above is an example of a trail wrapped with Maxdecal Digital Printing Media. This trill motorcycle uses Maxdecal APG80 Automotive Print Galaxy Gloss Silver. The wrapping of the pictures makes the motorbike look more manly, quirky, and of course seizes the attention.

Other digital printing media variants owned by Maxdecal such as Maxdecal VPF500M Vinyl Protection Film Matt, Maxdecal VPF500 Vinyl Protection Film Gloss, Maxdecal AGS80 Automotive Print Galaxy Star Gloss Silver, Maxdecal TMP80 Label Media Print Transparent Gloss, Maxdecal LMP80 Label Media Print White Gloss, Maxdecal BP100 Blaxkout Print Vinyl White, Maxdecal AFY80 Automotive Print Fluo Yellow Vinyl, Maxdecal LGL-127M Lamination Glitter Matt, Maxdecal AHG90 Automotive Print High Grip Gloss White, Maxdecal VPF100M Vinyl Protection Film Matt, Maxdecal VPF100 Vinyl Protection Film Gloss, Maxdecal APV80 Automotive Print Vinyl Gloss White, Maxdecal APH80 Automotive Print Holographic Gloss Silver, dan Maxdecal APC80 Automotive Print Chrome Gloss Silver.