DIY Your Own Stickers at Home

Currently, the use of stickers is increasingly in demand by the public for labeling food and beverage products or decorations on various accessories. Printing stickers is even easier because you can do it at home, so you don’t have to bother coming to a large-scale sticker making service provider. Maxdecal provides the solution with the DIY Craft Series.

You can be creative in making your stickers at home with a desktop printer. Maxdecal DIY Craft Series provides 5 sticker materials and 1 sticker lamination material. There are Dye Brittle Security, Dye Holographic, Dye PP White Glossy, Dye Photo White Glossy, Dye Transparent Glossy, and PET Overlaminate Glossy.

There are some steps to make DIY stickers at home with Maxdecal:

  1. Make a sticker design with your creation

The first thing you have-to prepare is the design or image of the sticker you want to print. You can make your sticker designs or download them from the internet. If you use images on the internet for commercial purposes or you want to resell the stickers, try to use images that are free from copyright.

  1. Prepare the tools and materials needed

The only tools you need are a desktop printer and scissors. For the material, of course, you need Maxdecal DIY Craft sticker material. This sticker has the advantage of being waterproof. So, you can apply stickers anywhere, even water-prone areas such as on food or beverage product packaging.

  1. Print stickers on your desktop printer with Maxdecal DIY sticker material

After the design, tools, and materials are ready, you can immediately print them with printers in your home such as Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, and others. The results are high quality because the Maxdecal material that has been specially designed is an inkjet coating, so you don’t have to worry about the results.

  1. Cut according to the printed sticker pattern

After the sticker has been printed, you can cut it manually using scissors. But if you have a sticker cutting machine, of course, it will be more helpful. Using scissors or a sticker cutting machine is the same, as long as you have to be patient with it.

  1. Stickers are ready to be used anywhere

Yeayyyy, your sticker is done. You can stick it anywhere you want.

Easy to make it, right? it’s hassle free if you use this Maxdecal DIY Series. You can resell these stickers for your product labels or just to add decoration to your accessories. Let’s go, create your sticker!