Tips and Trick Making Aesthetic Sticker at Home with Maxdecal Style

Source: Milky Sakura (YouTube)

Now making aesthetic stickers at home is really easy! Make sticker creations for decoration on accessories that you can print at home with the Maxdecal DIY Craft Series and your home printer. Maxdecal wants to give you tips and tricks. Let’s go to the tips and trick.

Tips and trick making aesthetic stickers at home:

  1. Make an interesting design
    You can create your own images designs with applications available on your smartphone or computer. There are several image applications on smartphones that you can try, such as Ibis Paint, Layer Paint HD, Medi Bang Paint, etc. In these applications, you can draw using a stylus pen or your finger. No need to worry if you don’t have a stylus pen because drawing using your fingers is no less good as long as you are patient and creative.
  1. Choose the HD picture
    If you difficult to design with yourself, you can download the pictures for your stickers from the internet. Currently, many platforms that provide printables for stickers. Remember to look for copyright-free images, okay?

Source: Milky Sakura (YouTube)

  1. Layer the sticker with lamination
    For the last longer sticker, you can add a laminate that can make the sticker not scratched and durable. Maxdecal provides laminated stickers, namely Maxdecal Sticker Overlaminate/Laminated Glossy Water-base Adhesive PET23-G000. Lamination is used after the sticker has been printed. The application is effortless, you only need to paste the laminated sticker on top of the sticker that you have printed. After that, you can cut the sticker according to the pattern.  
  2. Make a line guide on the stroke
    The next trick is if you cut the sticker using scissors, you can make a line guide on the sticker image before printing. So, this line guide will be your guide when cutting for a neat result.
  3. Make it in the sticker sheet
    If you want to make your sticker with one theme, you can make it in the form of a sticker sheet. Usually, the sticker sheet is A6 size and filled with one theme. But for this sticker sheet, you have to do a kiss cut because the sticker is peel off sticker, so you have to use a cutting machine.

So, those are tips and tricks from Maxdecal to make your aesthetic sticker at home. Hope the tips and tricks are useful. See you in other tips and tricks, guys.