Harris Vriza’s Girlfriend Haviza is Surprised By The New Look Of Her Car

Top actor Harris Vriza surprises his girlfriend, Haviza Devi Anjani. Harris changed the color of his girlfriend’s car by wrapping Haviza’s white Alphard. At first, Haviza said that she wanted her car wrapped, hearing that Harris immediately granted her lover’s request. But Harris wanted to choose the color to be a surprise for Haviza.

“At that time, she wanted her car wrapped. I said okay, let me wrap your car. What color did she say, it’s okay you’ll get the color later, you accept this”, Harris tells it with passion quoted from YouTube Harrisvriza Entertainment, 17 February 2022.

This time Harris chose a matte color from the Maxdecal 9500 series for his girlfriend’s car. Harris or often called Ais chooses the color Matt Chrome Grey. He says that this color fits in all conditions. Besides that, according to him this Matt Chrome Grey color is a rare color, so that other people will be amazed when they see his girlfriend’s car.

“This color fits in all conditions, in my opinion. So, if for example, at night it will look dark, in the light it will look brighter. This color too, people will think whose car is this. Rare”, Harris said.

Harris success to surprise Haviza, as seen from Haviza’s reaction, who was very happy to see the new look of her car. Haviza doesn’t stop saying her car is very handsome. She was amazed by the color and neatness of the bubble free car wrapping.

“Very handsome very handsome”, said Haviza spontaneously when she saw her car for the first time after wrapping it with Maxdecal.

Harris also chimed in that he was never disappointed in wrapping using Maxdecal. He tells Haviza that Maxdecal has a product that is very similar to car paint as it is wrapped on his Maserati cars.

“It’s true, I swear, it’s never fail. I’m wrapping a car in Maxdecal”, Harris tells it with passion. “So, in Maxdecal, all colors are available and now there is a new version. Just like mine at Maserati, which is very shiny, just like car paint”, he added.

That’s the excitement of Harris surprising Haviza with Maxdecal. Maxdecal friends who want to surprise their loved ones can also follow Harris’ method. Come on, wrap your car so it looks cool with Maxdecal.